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    At National Pool Fences, safety, quality and durability are at the core of all our products – which means when you purchase from us, you know that you’re getting only the best.


    We offer:

    • 15+ Years Expertise: Trusted Quality
    • 10 Year Warranty – Peace of Mind
    • 3 year Breakage: Secure Protection Protection
    • Custom Design: Unique Solutions
    • Compliance Check: Reliable Compliance

    National Pool Fences offer a comprehensive range of glass balustrades to meet the safety, durability and aesthetics needs of your property. Our experienced team have been providing quality installations for over 15 years and are dedicated to ensuring all our products comply with council regulations. With 10 years manufacturer warranty on each installation, 3-year glass breakage replacement and custom designs available, you can be sure that National Pool Fences will provide you with a reliable and attractive solution for your outdoor space. We also assist in scheduling council-trusted compliance inspections, so you can rest assured your new glass balustrade is up to standard. For peace of mind, choose National Pool Fences for all your glass fencing needs.

    At National Pool Fences, we design, install, inspect and certify premium glass balustrades at the best price.

    Secure Your Pool Today with National Pool Fences! Get Durable, Aesthetic and Safe Glass Balustrates Now!

    Hire National Pool Fences in Perth for Durable Glass Balustrades

    Are you looking to add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space? Then our durable glass balustrade solutions by National Pool Fences in Perth are the perfect choice. With 10 years of installation and manufacturer warranty, we offer superior quality services that will last for many years.

    We understand the need for safety when it comes to pool fencing, which is why each of our products go through rigorous testing before being installed. Our experienced team of professionals can provide you with advice on how best to design your area for maximum effect and durability. Here’s what you can expect from us:

    • Quality materials that are built to last

    • Professional installation services

    • Affordable rates

    Glass Balustrade: Safety, Aesthetics, Durability

    Safety: When it comes to safety, glass balustrades provide a great solution. The strong and durable tempered glass ensures that the balustrade won’t break or chip easily, making them suitable for areas that require extra security such as balconies. Additionally, the sleek design of glass balustrades allows for unobstructed views which means you can keep an eye on your children without compromising on style.

    Aesthetics: Glass balustrades have a modern look that will instantly enhance any space. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary or traditional feel, these balustrades come in a variety of styles and finishes so you can find the perfect fit for your home. Not only do they look stunning but they also let natural light shine through, creating a bright and airy atmosphere.

    Durability: With proper care and maintenance, glass balustrades are built to last. They are highly resistant to weathering and wear and tear, meaning that once installed, you don’t need to worry about replacing them anytime soon. Furthermore, their scratch-resistant coating makes them easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that they remain looking like new for years to come.

    Making Your Home Safe and Stylish with Glass Balustrades

    Glass balustrades are the perfect choice when you’re looking to add a touch of style, while also making your home safe. They look great on balconies, decks and pool areas, providing an unobstructed view of the outdoors that makes your space feel more spacious and inviting. Plus, glass is strong and durable so it won’t corrode or rust over time like metal can. And because glass doesn’t absorb heat, it’s much safer for young children and pets than metal railings. We know how important safety is, which is why we offer custom design and compliance checks to ensure our products meet all relevant regulations. With National Pool Fences, you can have beautiful glass balustrade fencing around your pool area without compromising on quality or safety.

    Get a Risk-free, High Quality, Safety Compliant Glass Balustrade Now!

    We know you want the best for your pool fencing needs and that’s why our National Pool Fences team in Perth offers risk-free, high quality, safety compliant glass balustrades. With more than 15 years of experience, we guarantee 3 year glass breakage replacement and provide a 10 year installation and manufacturer warranty – so you can have complete peace of mind.

    Our team is passionate about ensuring your family’s safety when it comes to pool fences, so we use only the very best materials and adhere to all necessary standards. We also offer flexible payment options to make sure you get the perfect solution for your budget. So don’t wait any longer – get a risk free, high quality, safety compliant glass balustrade now!

    What is glass balustrade?

    Glass balustrade is a type of balustrade made from glass panels, which is commonly used for pool fencing and as a railing.

    What are the benefits of a glass balustrade?

    When you choose National Pool Fences for your glass balustrade, you can expect a safe and quality product that is compliant with council regulations and built to last. We provide a 10-year installation and manufacturer warranty, and a 3-year glass breakage replacement.

    How long does it take to install a glass balustrade?

    It usually takes around 1-2 days to install a glass balustrade, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

    Does National Pool Fences offer any warranty on glass balustrade?

    Yes, we offer a 10-year manufacturer warranty and 3-year glass breakage replacement.

    Does National Pool Fences offer custom designs?

    Yes, we offer custom designs and can help you with any council-trusted compliance inspections you may need.

    Our Work

    We’re proud of what we do – take a look below at just a few of the pool fences that we’ve designed and installed for homes and businesses across Australia

    Unparalleled service and knowledge

    “Thank you for the excellent job your team did. My garden looks absolutely fabulous with the frameless glass pool fencing. It was so pleasant to have everything explained carefully and no surprise costs for all the great work. I will definitely be recommending your company to all of my friends & family”

    Sally Parke / Parramatta, Sydney, NSW

    “NPF Pool staff were a pleasure to deal with from the start to finish. Always kept us up to date with the project and provided great service. Nothing was too much trouble and the glass fence really finished off our pool area beautifully”

    “Dear Luke, Thank you for the excellent job and service you provided. We are very pleased with the job you have done for us, our fencing looks wonderful. It has been a pleasure dealing with you. We highly recommend you Thanks again Luke”

    Anthony & Lucinda / Newport, VIC