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    Swimming Pool Fencing Contractors

    National Pool Fences are glass pool fencing experts in Townsville. Offering contemporary pool fence options that work in practically any environment and made of top quality glass. Our installation of frameless glass pool fence in Townsville complies with and surpasses Australian Standards.


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    Select Quality Glass Fencing in Townsville from National Pool Fences

    Selecting glass pool fencing in Townsville represents a harmonious balance between prioritising safety and embracing a design that complements the quintessential Queensland lifestyle. This choice mirrors an increasing shift among Townsville’s property owners towards integrating both security measures and aesthetic appeal into their outdoor spaces. Glass pool fences are swiftly becoming a cornerstone of modern poolside architecture in the region, offering an elegant solution that doesn’t sacrifice the panoramic beauty or the strict safety protocols essential for any swimming area.

    Why Glass Pool Fencing is the Ideal Choice for Townsville

    The welcoming, sunny climate of Townsville encourages an alfresco lifestyle, making glass pool fencing a natural fit. This fencing option ensures a flawless visual connection with the verdant outdoors, while metal or wooden barriers might obstruct the view. The strength and longevity of tempered glass, coupled with its compliance with the Australian Safety Standards, make it a logical and sophisticated choice for enhancing Townsville homes and commercial spaces. 

    Covering the Townsville Region

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    Pool fence panels, installation, and certification . We not only do pool fencing we supply the glass panels and fittings as well. Give us a call for competitive pricing on all spigots and stainless fittings for your glass pool fence.
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    Advantages of Glass Pool Fencing Include

    • Visual Accessibility: Offers clear surveillance over the pool area, which is critical for child safety without sacrificing the aesthetic value of your outdoor space.
    • Strength and Minimal Upkeep: Made to last against the environmental challenges of Townsville, including intense sunlight and high humidity, with little need for routine maintenance.
    • Safety Standards: Fully compliant with Australian regulations, ensuring that your family and guests are safe.
    • Boosts Property Appeal: Installing a glass pool fence can remarkably increase the attractiveness and potentially the value of your property.

    Considerations: Any apprehensions regarding the initial investment or the durability of glass as a fencing material are overshadowed by advancements in technology. Today’s tempered glass panels are incredibly strong and designed to withstand the test of time and the elements.

      Why Partner with National Pool Fences?

      In the search for premier glass pool fencing in Townsville, National Pool Fences stands out for its commitment to delivering not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe and compliant pool fencing solutions. Their extensive selection, ranging from frameless to semi-frameless glass fences, caters to varying tastes and budgetary requirements, ensuring everyone has access to high-quality options. Their expert team guarantees a hassle-free installation process that complies with all relevant safety standards, making your pool area safe and stylish.

      Choosing National Pool Fences means choosing reliability, excellence in service, and a dedication to safety and quality that truly sets your pool area apart. Ultimately, investing in glass pool fencing in Townsville is more than a safety requirement; it’s a lifestyle choice that enhances the enjoyment and value of your outdoor space. Through expert service and top-quality products, National Pool Fences ensures that this investment not only secures your pool but also turns it into a highlight of your property, embodying the essence of modern, safe, and stylish living.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How safe is glass pool fencing?

      Extremely safe. Professionally installed tempered glass is sturdy, designed to handle significant force, aligning with rigorous safety standards.

      What maintenance does a glass pool fence require?

      It’s surprisingly low maintenance. Regular cleaning with water and a mild detergent will keep it looking pristine.

      Can glass pool fences endure the Townsville climate?

      Indeed. The tempered glass used is specifically engineered to be resilient against extreme weather, including the fierce Queensland sun and heavy rains.

      We offer a huge range of stylish designs

      Australian regulations are increasingly tightening in order to help protect families from a devastating incident. Our stunning range of balustrade panels offer the protection mandated without compromising the aesthetic style of your home. Our company sources panes and components that meet the most exacting standards of safety and design manufacture.

      We offer self-close spring hinges standard for a structural glass gate feature or you can choose to upgrade to a hydraulic hinge for a soft close function. There are many ways in which you can customise your frameless glass systems, including bespoke tinting to fit in with the overall vision of your home and garden. The result is an unparalleled architectural fence that opens up the space and lets in plenty of light, all the while protecting you and your family from the dangers of drowning.

      Contact us today with the specifications of your garden, including any features such as a balcony, corners or decking. Our professional staff will walk you through your options for hardware and installation and get the ball rolling a sleek new addition to your home.

      We ensure your fence meets the highest safety standards

      Drowning prevention has been a hot topic in Australia for well over a decade now. Health and safety codes are becoming more stringent in an effort to reduce the incidents of unintentional injury. We work closely with the best council-trusted inspectors and certifiers to ensure your completed project will be built to standard.

      If your backyard contains a swimming area (this includes hot tubs), give us a call today to find out if a barrier or cover is required by law. We can talk you through the requirements or assist with a professional and friendly inspection of an existing barrier. Don’t put off something that helps protect Australian family’s from child drownings.

      We are fully equipped to work on every part of the project from design through to final structure and compliance. We can help you navigate the tricky requirements if there’s an obstacle like a deck with different levels. Call us to find out about our reasonable prices and compliance expertise.

      And remember, nothing beats adequate parental supervision for ultimate safety.

      If you have any questions, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help