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    Are you shopping for an aesthetically beautiful and secure glass pool fence for your swimming pool area ? We’ll work with you to create an unified and outstanding design regardless of the sort of water feature and landscape you have. Many people are concerned that the tight council standards would detract from the appearance of their cherished garden; yet, this could not be farther from the truth. Our customers love how glass panels adds architectural interest to their garden.


    • We’re Canberra’s number one recommended frameless and semi-frameless glass panel specialist!
    • Covering ALL suburbs in Canberra such as Barton, Yarralumla, Forrest, Deakin, Red Hill, Hughes, Garran, Lyons, Curtin, Braddon, Chapman and many more!
    • You’ll receive great prices, designer materials, and expert advice from a company with great reviews.
    • We offer our Nation’s Capital the best price quotes for custom panels and our exceptional quality supplies.
    • Whether you’re looking for a straight or curved gate for your deck or pool, call us today for a consultation and we’ll let you know what options are available near you!

    Frameless Glass Pool Fencing in Canberra

    No matter how large or little the project, all fence situations have been handled by our experienced team af expert fencers before. Whatever your requirements, whether you’re searching for a classy, elegant and secure fence for your house or a balustrade that gives uninterrupted views from the balconies of your business complex, our helpful team is delighted to offer the guidance you want including a free quote .

    For your pool or balcony project, National Pool Fences ACT will assist you in selecting and installing the best fence or glass balustrades. We take great pleasure in offering top-notch installation services to all of our customers, and we’ll work with you to make sure your job is completed flawlessly, on schedule, and within your budget. We can assist with any job, regardless of size. We have ten years of expertise in the fence industry. No matter how huge your work is, we take care of it. For free quotations, contact us right now.
    For the finest design and installation in Canberra, we also provide automatic gates, sliding gates, swing gates, and driveway gates.

    Why Choose National Pool Fences?

    If you have a pool, you know how important it is to exercise caution and prevent the possibility of drowning. Stopping direct access to your ground pool is the first step. We can provide you with barriers that are both beautiful and effective, and we’ll work with you to ensure that your glass railing system complements your landscaping rather than detracting from it. Our toughened glass panes, secure gates, and high-quality latches have had great success in meeting council regulations.

    Whether you’re upgrading from a previous fence or installing a brand new barrier, our custom designs are both affordable and aesthetically appealing. You’ll be amazed at the low cost per metre and astonished at the gorgeous end result.

    Covering the whole Canberra region

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    Frameless & Semi-Frameless Pool Fence Solutions

    Pools are the focal point of every backyard. Frameless glass pool fence adds a modern aesthetic to your pool area while also keeping your pool safe for you and your family without blocking off views.
    All of our fences meet Australian requirements, and we give compliance certification upon installation completion. To provide a long-lasting security fence, we utilise only the best quality glass and fittings. All of our hardware is made of top level grade stainless steel and comes in a number of fastening ways, allowing us to instal fence on a variety of materials.

    • Servicing suburbs in Canberra such as Macgregor, Nicholls, Lyneham, Kambah, Dunlop, Watson, the list goes on.
    • Many DIY jobs don’t pass certification — we’ll be happy to handle the repairs so that your fences meet or exceed certifiers’ standards.
    • Whether you only need pool fence repair or a quote on a set of stunning original gates, we’re here to help.
    • Our experts are trained to provide you with the very best in affordable pool fence panels.
    • Call us today for an estimate — don’t risk spending hundreds or even thousands on pricey corrections!

    Code Compliance Matters. We have a strong history of successful compliance.

    Many people assume that complying with safety regulations means that they’ll have to sacrifice some of their property’s curb appeal. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our stunning transparent fencing solutions are installed and have had great success in being certified for compliance while still providing you with a unique and beautiful design tailored to complement your property. We pride ourselves on creating systems that blend perfectly into the landscape and count as an asset to your property — all while passing code requirements.

    Every year, there are tragedies involving children and unsecured swimming pools. Don’t put your family — or any other family — at risk by attempting a substandard diy frameless glass solution. Our experts are familiar with every commercial and residential code for in-ground pools, from the best fence latch to the necessary signage. We can also help you with pool houses, decks, and hot tub barriers. We’re happy to answer any enquiry you might have about swimming pool safety or installing a pool fence.

    Reliable Pool Fencing in Canberra – Hire National Pool Fences Today!

    We’ve been working with pool fencing in the Canberra area for over 15 years, so you can count on us to provide a reliable service. Our team of experienced professionals has all the tools and skills necessary to create a secure barrier around your swimming pool. We’ll make sure that everything is installed correctly and meets all Australian regulations. Plus, we offer competitive prices and fast turnaround times.

    When it comes to pool fencing, you want someone who knows what they’re doing and can be trusted to do the job right. With National Pool Fences, you can rest assured that your project will be handled professionally and with great attention to detail. Get in touch with us today and find out how our services can help keep your family safe and your pool looking beautiful.

    The Benefits of Pool Fencing: Safety, Security, and Aesthetics

    When it comes to pool fencing, safety is paramount. Having a secure barrier around your pool not only keeps children and pets safe, but also helps prevent accidental drownings. It’s important to choose a reliable fencing material that won’t deteriorate over time due to weather or wear-and-tear. Metal railings are often the most secure option, as they provide an almost unbreakable barrier between the pool and the rest of the yard.

    Security is another key factor when considering pool fencing. Many homeowners opt for fences with locks or even security systems that will alert them if someone attempts to tamper with the gate. This can help deter burglars from entering the property and give you peace of mind knowing that no one can access the pool without being detected.

    Finally, aesthetics should also be taken into account when selecting a fence. Not only does it need to be strong and secure, but it should look good too. Whether you’re looking for something classic and timeless or more modern and eye-catching, there are plenty of options available in terms of materials, styles, and colors. With careful selection, you can find a pool fence that looks great while providing both safety and security.

    Frameless Glass Balustrades For Sale

    We offer the best frameless pool glass fencing for sale in Canberra. A solution that is as safe as it is beautiful: a glass balustrade. The ideal balance of aesthetics, safety, and convenience. Everything you will need for your next glass balustrade project, including accessories a glass balustrade will completely transform your balcony, transforming it into a stunning space.

    • Covering all regions – from Belconnen, Canberra Central, Gungahlin, Jerrabomberra, Majura, Molonglo Valley, Tuggeranong, Weston Creek and Woden Valley
    • Your home deserves a system that provides gorgeous detail as well as an affordable cost.
    • We can build custom fences to any dimensions and easily complement all of your existing outdoor features, including stairs.
    • Our technicians are standing by and ready to serve you, whether your handrail simply needs fixing, your clamps need adjusting, or you’re looking for a whole new fence.

    A Plethora of Appealing Styles

    Nothing quite elevates the aesthetic appeal of an Australian property like glass balustrade panelling. We have countless bespoke designs, and each and every one is sophisticated and stylish. We use marine-grade 2205 stainless steel components with toughened, tinted glass for a solution that is as strong as it is aesthetically pleasing. No matter what landscape and architectural elements you need to work around — for example, decks, balconies, or stairs — our designers can accommodate them. It’s always our goal to create a solution that blends seamlessly with your home’s unique style.

    While we do prioritize visual appeal, know that our fences are as robust and sturdy as they are stylish. We build our fences to be strong enough to withstand real life, which is why we are confident enough to include an extended warranty. We guarantee the installation and manufacture for ten years and offer a glass breakage replacement service for three years. All of our gates include self-closing spring hinges as the default, or you can upgrade to a hydraulic soft-close hinge if you’d prefer. Our high-quality components, well-engineered structural support, and innovative design solutions are the best line of protection for your family. Call us today for a free quote.

    Best Swimming Pool Installation Contractors

    We work hard to produce pool fencing that meets safety standards for pool safety inspections. You’ll discover the ideal glass fence swimming pool professionals for everything from building to landscaping and beyond. Since its inception over ten years ago, National Pool Fences has been one of Australia’s top glass fence swimming pool manufacturers, establishing an excellent reputation for architectural quality.

    • If you need an expert certifier to complete your pool inspection, we’re here to help.
    • Our inspectors are trusted by many councils, so you know you can trust them.
    • Swimming pool fencing compliance is important
    • We offer high-value services at an affordable cost.

    Safety comes first. Our fencing is stunning and passes safety standards

    Sadly, far too many children are injured or drowned due to preventable circumstances. Most parents understand that parental supervision is a must when a child is swimming, but they may not extend that caution to supervising their children when they play beside the pool… and of course, children are often unaware of the risks themselves. That’s why we work so hard to design beautiful solutions that meet — or, typically, exceed — all safety requirements and specifications.

    For over a decade, we’ve installed poolside barriers that meet Australia’s health and safety codes related to pools, spas, and hot tubs. We are fully prepared to guarantee that your pool fence will meet all of the necessary requirements — we have our own council-trusted inspectors, after all. We will do our best to ensure that your fencing system passes inspection the very first time.

    Safety is Our Priority: Why Pool Fencing Matters

    Having a pool can be a great addition to your home, providing hours of fun and entertainment for family and friends. However, it’s important to remember that swimming pools come with inherent risks – which is why having proper fencing around the area is so critical.

    At National Pool Fences ACT, we know how important it is to create safe environments for our customers and their families. That’s why all our glass fence installations are made using high-quality materials, ensuring you get a secure and reliable product. And with 10 years installation and manufacturer warranty available, you can rest assured that your pool will be safeguarded against accidents or intrusions. So if you’re looking for an effective way to protect your pool area in Canberra, look no further than National Pool Fences.

    What kind of pool fencing do you offer?

    We offer glass pool fencing, in either frameless or semi-frameless designs.

    How long have you been in business?

    We’ve been in the pool fencing business for over 15 years.

    What kind of warranty do you offer?

    We offer a 10-year installation and manufacturer warranty, as well as a 3-year glass breakage replacement.

    Do you offer custom designs?

    Yes, we offer custom designs and compliance checks for your specific needs.

    Do you help with council-trusted compliance inspections?

    Yes, we provide assistance to schedule council-trusted compliance inspections.

    If you have any questions, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help