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    • We offer a wide range of designer quality options, such as frameless, semi-frameless, panels, and custom.
    • Make your idea come to life and get the best custom designs for your property.
    • National Pool Fences is Australia’s highly-rated company, the absolute leader when it comes to affordable, top-notch designs.
    • Give us a call if you’re looking for the best advice, free consultation and a quote from our specialists.
    • Benefit from our team of experts in contracting and our state-of-the-art supplies.
    • We guarantee the cheapest price for outstanding quality based on our customer’s reviews.

    Why use National Pool Fences?

    Our fences are engineered in order to meet the pool code requirements and standards. That means that we put safety first. We offer a wide range of panels that grant you with a clear view from the ground up, making it possible to keep an eye on the kids at any given time. Our pool fence gates also come with self-closing hinges and latches, thus maximising security.

    Homeowners are raving about how floating glass has added an architectural element to all types of homes. Whether your outdoor area is a deck, concrete slab or grass, we go to all lengths to work with the overall design of your home.

    Finally, another important feature alongside safety and good looks is durability. We use tempered safety glass and stainless steel, making our glass fences resistant to corrosion. Moreover, maintenance of our fencing is not going to give you a headache as it’s easy to clean.

    You won’t find a better price per metre for this level of quality—yet another area where we excel! Our idea is to make enclosures out of durable and reliable materials, ensuring your glass railing system lasts for a lifetime.

    Covering the whole Toorak Region

    Driving Directions:

    1. Get on M1 in Burnley from St Georges Rd (5 min | 2.6 km)
    2. Follow M1 and Eastlink/M3 to Boronia Rd/State Route 36 in Wantirna. Take the Boronia Rd exit from Eastlink/M3 (22 min | 33.1 km)


    1. Drive to Mountain Hwy/State Route 28 in Bayswater (8 min | 5.7 km)
    2. Arrive at: National Pool Fences, 5/843 Mountain Hwy, The Basin, VIC 3153

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    Pool fence certification guaranteed

    • With our fencing, you will be able to swim in a stunning setting that satisfies the certifiers.
    • Save yourself from the unneeded hassle and a DIY disaster—our panels are guaranteed to comply with the standards.
    • Don’t waste your time repairing and replacing a botched job—get a quote from the experts.
    • Our premium service comes with a 10-year guarantee. Read some of our amazing reviews.
    • Our certifiers will make sure the boundary and gates all comply.

    National Pool Fences are 100% Compliant - Guaranteed!

    We can describe our consumer product in just three words: safe, secure and stylish. What more could you ask for in your safety barrier and complementary products? Our fencing solution comes with affordable latches, the highest-quality glass, and stainless steel components all installed for you.

    You may be wondering why you shouldn’t go ahead and install the fencing on your own. The reason is pretty simple. The laws and regulations surrounding pool barriers and guards in Australia are very complex and hard to understand. They’ve been designed that way to protect Australian families from child drownings in residential, commercial and public pools. We know all the code requirements from signage right through to the rules surround hot tubs and spas in each state.

    More than this, knowing what these rules are so well, our service professionals are able to design a stunning solution for your house that can increase the curb appeal. Assuming you don’t want to waste your time on a diy pool fence  project that can easily go wrong, you should definitely give us a call. We have high-quality materials and our experts at your disposal.

    Glass & mirror shop

    Glass balustrades from your local supplier

    • Give your backyard a facelift with a frameless screen.
    • Reach out to us today to find solutions that incorporate stairs, balconies or handrails.
    • We guarantee that we can figure out a system that will suit most dimensions and won’t cost the earth.
    • Down to the smallest fixings, it’s our keen eye for detail that makes all the difference.

    We offer a huge range of stylish designs

    Set some trends by installing frameless glass balustrades for your pool. Structural glass panels are a great way to increase the appearance of your deck area, swimming pool area or your balcony. Our glass balustrades and structural stainless steel components will seemingly extend and expand your floor-space and allow additional light into the area. As a result, you will be able to enjoy the broad vista and some extra daylight.

    Design, manufacture and installation of contemporary balustrades and handrails is just part of the process. We also work closely with council trusted certifiers to make sure everything is to specification. We have a meticulous eye for detail, so even the smallest bracket or gate hardware is engineered for safety and style.

    Homes and gardens around Australia are benefiting from professionally installed architectural panes. If you’re considering toughened glass for a semi-frameless or frameless look, we can help. Call us today to for a free consultation and quote.

    Swimming Pool Contractor

    Pool safety inspections available

    • Not every contractor will guarantee swimming pool compliance but we will.
    • Don’t risk the huge cost of replacing a non-compliant structure.
    • Swimming pool compliance certification is no joke—we’re up for the task.
    • We have a fully qualified inspector and certifier available upon completion of the installation.
    • In case you have questions about the cost or our inspection services, contact us today.

    We ensure your fence meets the highest safety standards

    Preventing child drownings is one of our top priorities when building pool fences. There are different sets of requirements and safety specifications aimed at the reduction of the risk of such unintentional injuries. Our job is to make sure that your pool fencing complies with the health and safety codes of each state. We go above and beyond in the aim that no parent will have the horror of finding their child submerged in water. If you choose us to build your glass pool fencing, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

    Whether your new home is under construction, you’re in need of repairs or simply building a pool from scratch, we can help you out. We guarantee that your new fence will meet the pool safety standards while allowing your property to look absolutely fantastic. Not only is it going to provide you with added safety and security, but it will upgrade the visual appeal of all areas of your home too.

    Toorak — Melbourne, Australia

    Located 5 km from Australia’s capital city, Melbourne is a luxury suburb called Toorak. It was named after the famous Italianate residence, “Toorak House.” Built in 1854, the first Governor of Victoria resided at Toorak House, along with Sir Charles Hotham and his successors. Today, its streets are lined with many opulent households built in the Victorian era.

    It’s an easy tram ride or a short drive from Melbourne for those looking to dip their toes into a day of luxury.

    The Demographics

    Many celebrities make up Toorak’s population of 13,000. In fact, most inhabitants of Toorak are wealthy, with the properties ranking as the second highest in Australia. It’s the most expensive suburb in Melbourne. Due to the high land value, many of the housing options are apartments, but some of the elaborate Victorian-era houses still stand.

    Food and Culture

    Get your wallet ready, there are plenty of places where you can spend your cash in Toorak. There are over 270 shops and businesses, most of them being of the smaller boutique kind. You can enjoy a delicious pastry at one of the many sunny cafes before relaxing into some pampering at the high-end beauty parlours.

    For those seeking a romantic date, you won’t be dissappointed with plenty of fine dining options. Show off some of your designer goods purchased during the day and you may even have a chance to rub shoulders with the rich and famous.


    Toorak is also a popular spot for tourists in Victoria. Some places you can visit while you’re there are the Royal Botanic Gardens, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne Arts Centre, Brighton Beach and Luna Park.

    Its main event during the year is the Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition. The exhibition links with business to provide a cultural experience everyone can participate in. With both interior and exterior sculptures on display, the town is transformed into a piece of art in his own right. If you’re interested then make sure to book your visit for May or June each year.

    If you have any questions, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help