Glass Pool Fencing DIY– What to Expect

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    Diy Glass Pool Fence Installation 

    You have the ideal backdrop for outdoor gatherings with a swimming pool in your own backyard. Of course, your pool must be adequately gated fenced according to the NSW pool fencing regulations, but this does not mean you must sacrifice on the aesthetics. A frameless glass pool fence provides a touch of beauty while keeping youngsters and children safe and in accordance with pool safety rules. If you want to save money and install a frameless glass fence around your pool, you might consider DIY glass pool fencing , but is it really going to save you money in the long run when comparing it to a top glass pool fencing installation company like National Pool Fences ?

    Frameless Glass Balustrade in Sydney

    DIY vs Professional Glass Pool Fencing Installation

    You save money by installing the pool fence yourself by not having to pay for labour or installation. DIY instals will only cost you your own time and the supplies for the fence. However, if you go with the DIY route, just be aware you won’t have warranty or insurance protection in case anything goes wrong .

    Glass pool fence is a great choice for pool fencing that gives unrestricted views of the outside world. When looking into glass pool fence installation, the key query that often comes up is whether to hire an expert like National Pool Fences or do it yourself. DIY installation is a choice that is growing in popularity, but you should assess the benefits and drawbacks before choosing that path. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of installing glass pool fence on your own.

    Save Money with Professional DIY Glass Pool Fencing Installation

    Here are some of the key considerations to keep in mind before embarking on a DIY pool fence install.


    The pool fence may be customised and created to meet your particular vision if you have the necessary knowledge and abilities. Professionals may often provide a number of high-quality fence designs since glass pool fencing is available in a range of colours and styles.

    Time Consuming

    Demanding time Installing glass pool fence on your own may be quite time and resource intensive. It may consume several hours of time and lead to unneeded stress. If a DIY installation does not go well, you can end up going back and reworking some of the components.

    Physically Demanding Work

    Physical strength and ability are required to complete the physically taxing process of installing a glass pool fence. Glass panels may be heavy and challenging to move around and instal on your own. People who are not accustomed to physical labour are often worn out by it.

     What If It Goes Wrong ?

    Incompetent Installation may not show up on day one but if you do run the danger of installing the glass pool fence panels incorrectly the pool glass may explode or shatter if future due to stress being placed on the glass. Residential pool fences made of both framed and frameless glass must adhere to pool safety regulations. Glass panel installation calls for specialised abilities to install them. You do not want to be subject to penalties for improper pool fence.



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    So What Is Required To Install A Pool Fence?

    Here is a list of the materials and products you will need to install your own glass pool fence :

    • Glass panels Gates
    • A lock and hinges for your gate
    • Something to lift and support the glass off the ground.
    • Spigots
    • Glass Brace Top Rail Brackets
    • Gates
    • Panels Hinge Spigots
    • Retaining wall panels with a rake
    • Hinges and Latches
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    Conclusion Of Building and Installing Your Own DIY Pool Fence

    A glass pool fence is not as easy to install as you might think. We often get phone calls from people who are attempting this and finding themselves getting into trouble. However having said that the glass and materials are a lot cheaper today than they once were but we would always recommend using our top team of experts to install those critically important piece of your backyard. After all that still needs to comply with all fencing laws. Let us guide you on this decision and if you ultimately decide to do it yourself then we can point you in the right direction

    Our guarantee

    We promise that our products and services will pass council-trusted safety and compliance inspections. We have not failed once. In other words, if you hire us for glass balustrade installation, you won’t have to go through the hassle of a failed inspection.

    On top of this, we guarantee all our products and installation. Enjoy the peace of mind a 10-year glass balustrade installation and manufacture warranty offers and we’ll replace any glass that breaks within the first three years.

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