Clean Glass Pool Fencing Panels – Best Ways To Clean Your Glass Fencing

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    A glass pool fence is a great option for the fencing around the backyard pool area. It complements any style of landscape, and is exceptionally sturdy and long-lasting. Glass pool fences are simple to maintain and improve the appearance of your pool area, On the other hand, like other glass surfaces, the cleaner it is, the more attractive it will be. Handprints, water splashes, and dirt accumulation are inevitable. Luckily, cleaning and maintaining it isnt very time consuming. So how do you maintain a crystal-clear glass pool fence? Our step-by-step cleaning instructions for your glass pool fence come with additional time and money-saving advice. At National Pool Fences we specialise in the design , building and installation of all kinds of pool fencing . Let our pool fencing designs team show you how amazing we can make your backyard look this summer.

    How to Clean Your Glass Pool Fence

    What is required ?

    • Garden hose
    • Squeegee, or microfiber cloth
    • Bucket full with hot water
    • Detergent for a mop head or sponge
    1. Before cleaning, wet down glass panels to move dirt and dust with a hose (do on both sides)
    2. Dish soap and a little quantity of warm water should be combined.
    3. When cleaning panels and spigots, use a clean, debris-free mop or sponge.
    4. Spigots may be cleaned using a little cloth or sponge.
    5. Rinse the detergent off using a hose.
    6. Clean the panel edges with a microfiber cloth and shine the hardware and spigots.

    You must maintain routine cleaning; we advise washing the glass panels every 8 to 10 weeks . On this kind of glass, it’s recommended to avoid using regular glass cleaners. Use a sponge or soft microfiber cloth to clean the glass with soapy water, and then use a hose to rinse it off. The panels may either be allowed to air dry or any remaining water can be wiped away using a squeegee.


    Frameless Glass Balustrade in Sydney

    Cleaning Hand Railings

    If you’ve selected a framed style glass, your pool fence may also have railings or metal posts attached to it. It’s crucial to take care of the metal components of the fence if you want to maintain your fence or balustrades looking beautiful. Fortunately, they are simple to maintain and can be cleaned by wiping them down with a moist cloth or sponge.

    Mineral spirits with a methyl content are a fantastic choice for getting rid of any tough stains on the metal components of your fence or railing without harming its powder coating.

    If you have any queries regarding maintaining the clarity and lustre of your glass pool fence, our helpful staff will be pleased to assist you.

    Apply A Protective Coating To The Glass

    Every few years, you should add glass coatings to your glass pool fence to provide the utmost protection against rust and other extremely tiny particles. Choose a high-quality glass coating product to be sure it will protect your glass pool fence rather than do it harm.

    Keep in mind that one of your instruments for safeguarding the safety of your family is the glass pool fence. As a result, you must maintain it and keep it in top shape at all times. You may accomplish this by following the instructions in this article on how to clean your glass pool fence, and you’ll get to keep enjoying the advantages for a long time to come.

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