The University of New South Wales

Working Towards a Better Future

The UNSW or the University of New South Wales is the public research University in Australia. It sits in the suburbs of Sydney, Kensington. The University was established in 1949 and it ranks 4th in Australia and 45th in the world. Also, it ranks 2nd in New South Wales.

The university consists of nine faculties and it provides bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees. Its main campus is on a 94-acre land in Kensington. Kensington is only 7 kilometers away from Sydney’s city center, which is its busiest area.

The University of New South Wales is among the founding members of the Group of Eight, which is a coalition of Australian research-intensive universities. And, it’s also a part of Universitas 21, which is a global network of research universities. In addition to that, the UNSW has iternational exchange and research partnerships with more than 200 universities around the globe.

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The History of UNSW

The first idea of the university goes back to 1843 when Sydney Mechanics Institute was established. Then, over the years, it led to the formation of Technical College in 1878. The idea of the Institute founders was to diffuse scientific and special knowledge. And, the College was in charge of applying and teaching it.

Soon it was clear that the university will help develop the human knowledge and it kept growing, as such, impelling the 19th century scientific and industrial revolution.

In the 1990s, there was an addition of a Fine Arts dimension to the University. In addition to that, it was quite clear that this establishment has an important role in the further development of the public and community outreach. This is what had characterised the university and made it special from the very start. Today, 45% of the annual funding comes from private sources.

During the past 50 years, the University has shown significant growth and innovation. The students tend to describe the tone of the University as informal, vivacious and lovely. The students are excited to be a part of it. The UNSW has a lot to bring to the table. In fact, it offers the widest range of Faculties! So, along with its initial accent on science and tech, the University now offers a wide palette of disciplines, such as Built Environment, Arts, Fine Arts, Commerce, Law, Management, Life Sciences, and medicine. (Find out more about what else the beautiful city of Sydney has to offer.)

The Main Idea

The UNSW is proof of the university that is making a difference in the world of knowledge. It has a lot to offer and, on top of that, the atmosphere of it is going to be one more thing that the students will love about it. This University provides a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs. And, most importantly, it is welcoming students from all over the world!

If you’re a student looking for an opportunity to soak in the knowledge and enjoy every day while diligently working towards a better future, this place is definitely something to consider. And, if you’re a passer-by, you’ll be happy to know that UNSW holds many workshops, concerts, and lectures open to the public. So, everyone can get a taste of this precious place in Sydney!

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