How Much Does Glass Pool Fencing Cost in NSW ?

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    How Much Does Glass Pool Fencing Cost In Sydney ?

    What is the cost of glass pool fencing in Sydney ? In this article we take a deep dive into the costings and things to consider before commiting to installing a new glass fence for your pool area this summer..

    Glass pool fencing may be expensive, but there are methods to minimise the cost without sacrificing the quality. Here are the basic cost considerations for the different types of glass fencing options . ( Note: these are current industry wide pricing ranges and may not be exact for your area or location)

    • Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing $275 to $300 per metre
    • Frameless Glass Pool Fencing $300 to $375 per metre
    • Frameless Glass Balustrade $400 to $475 per metre
    • Custom Frameless Glass Balustrade $700 to $1000 per metre

    How Much Does Glass Pool Fencing Cost Per Linear Meter ?

    Glass pool fence installation in Sydney may cost as little as $200 per linear metre for semi-frame glass, $375 per linear metre for a frameless glass fence, and approximately $195.00 per linear metre for a fixed frame glass fence.

    How Much Are Other Glass Pool Fencing Materials ?

    The additional costs you will need to factoring in are the all the accessories that are required to build your pool fence, here is a list and associated costs .

    •  2000 x 1200 x 12 mm frameless glass pool fence panel costs $180.
    • 1400x970mm High Glass Balustrade with Spigots and Handrail costs $140.
    • 1200 x 1500 12mm glass pool hinge panel costs $230.
    • 12mm glass gate costs $105.
    • $110 for a spigot with a circular base plate, $270 for a 10x Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel Glass Pool Fence Spigot, and $50 for a polished Stainless Steel Base Spigot

    What Are The Different Styles of Glass Pool Fencing ?

    There are important distinctions you need to be aware of while selecting glass pool fence for your pool area.

    Frameless glass pool fencing

    With frameless pool fence, which has a modern aesthetic, glass panels are fitted smoothly side by side to provide unobstructed views to and from your pool area. Pool fence constructed in this manner is fastened onto spigots rather than frames or uprights.

    Semi-frameless pool fencing

    Glass panels are inserted and fastened to aluminium or stainless steel supports for semi-frameless pool fence. Semi-frameless panels may also be more challenging to instal and maintain, which makes them less common than “completely” frameless fence.

    Glass Pool Fencing Maintenance

    A glass pool fence is simple to maintain. Cleaning your glass pool fence is as easy as rinsing the surface with warm water and a light detergent, such washing liquid, if it has been coated with a protective agent. We advise using a soft lamb’s wool applicator or microfiber cloth to clean the glass, then using a squeegee to remove any surface water and a lint-free towel to dry the glass’ edge. Cleaning makes it easier to preserve its beauty between cleanings and cuts down on cleaning time by 90%, allowing you to enjoy it more from the comfort of your pool.

    Glass Fence Safety Regulations For Sydney NSW

    Australia has requirements that pool fencing must adhere to. Some of the pool compliance standards are listed below. Howver we have a ful comprehensive glass pool fencing regulations for nsw giude here

    • When seen from the outside, the fence must be at least 1.2 metres high.
    • To prevent kids from opening the gate, pool locks must be installed within the fence.
    • The fencing’s openings must be so narrow that kids cannot get through them.
    • Fences defining boundaries must be at least 1.8 metres high.
    • A certain kind of impenetrable durable material that cannot be broken through must be used to construct the pool fence.
    • There must be a space wider than 100mm between the bottom of the fence and the ground.
    • Children cannot climb the barrier in any manner.
    • To keep kids out of the pool area, pool gates must self-latch and self-close.

    Hiring The Best Pool Fence Installation Team at National Pool Fences

    One should not undervalue the significance of selecting the best pool fence installation. Because this job will cost you a lot of money, you want to have it done correctly the first time and thast why you need to choose us . Let National Pool Fences take care of every aspect of the build and installation process and have many expert team members with many years of experience installing all kinds of pool fencing in around the Sydney and NSW region. Dont bother with DIY glass pool fencing when have the sufficient expertise and experience, particularly with regard to Australia’s pool fence regulations. So call us now for a free quote for your job.


    Glass pool fencing isn’t exactly one of the more affordable home improvements, but it’s still worthwhile. In addition to providing immediate kerb appeal and atmosphere, it gives pool users a feeling of security. You shouldn’t let just anybody handle this sensitive installation because of this. You would want to work with a reputable contractor who can make the installation of the glass fence easy and worthwhile for you.