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    Pool Fence Repairs In Sydney

    The main purpose of a swimming pool fence or barrier is safety. It must be fixed or replaced as quickly as possible if it has any damage and is no longer safe according to governmental standards. This applies to both the gates and the pool fence itself. The gate has to be repaired as soon as possible if the locks and hinges are rusted or loose or generally in bad condition or in any other way not up to the standards set down by local government. If not, it will be assumed that your safety barrier is not legal. For more on the pool fencing regulations see our detailed guide here for NSW residents or call us today for a quote to get your broken or damaged pool fencing maintained , rep[aired or replaced because councils have the over riding authority to issue fines up to $5,500 for any pool that is non compliant 


    Frameless Glass Balustrade in Sydney

    Types Of Pool Repair and Maintenance Services We Provide

    At National Pool Fences we offer a top range of services and repair work for all types of pool fencing .

    • Frameless or semi-frameless glass pool fencing has spigots and other fittings that need checking and replacing if in bad condition. Glass fence panels can explode or shatter in very rare situations but its easy to clean glass pool fencing and worth doing this once a month. , if that occurs these panels will need replacing .Glass pool fence adds style and sophistication to enhance your pool area’s appearance. Contact us right now for more information on replacing glass pool fence or to set up an estimate.
    • Aluminium Pool Fencing is a great option for pool fencing , and its cheaper than glass fence panels and Is often quicker and easier to install. However with time and whether the panels do degrade, and the screws and fittings can rust. It is advised to have the aluminium panels and fittings checked every year to make sure they comply with the current pool fencing standards for your region. A pool barrier made of aluminium panels must pass AS1926.1 strength and stiffness testing.
    • Timber Pool Fencing Creating a customised pool fencing solution out of timber is often a quick and easy choice. However unless maintained, painted stained or treated on a regular basis these can also degrade with weather in time . Bolts and screws can also rust so make sure these get checked on a regular basis to comply with the standards. We can help with any rectification work to bring your pool fence up to compliant standards

    Pool Gate Repairs

    Maintaining pool gates is also an important component to owning a pool . Maintaining latches and hinges are in full working order and have not rusted up over winter is an important part of checking your hardware before using the pool. It is part of the compliancy in law to inspect and check your pool gate is operating correctly and will lock to prevent small children from entering. All pool gates need to open away from the pool area and also need to be able to self close and any position without the use of force or human intervention. We can help make sure your pool gate complies with the current standards.

    pool balustrades in Sydney

    Pool Safety Inspections and Certifcations

    We offer a full pool safety inspection service at National Pool Fences . Give the team a call today to book your safety inspection with us .Whether its a pool fence extension , a new pool fence build, fencing repairs like perspex , Aluminium ,Timber , pool gate repairs and any maintenance we offer a high grade solution for your family.

    Our guarantee

    We promise that our products and services will pass council-trusted safety and compliance inspections. We have not failed once. In other words, if you hire us for glass balustrade installation, you won’t have to go through the hassle of a failed inspection.

    On top of this, we guarantee all our products and installation. Enjoy the peace of mind a 10-year glass balustrade installation and manufacture warranty offers and we’ll replace any glass that breaks within the first three years.

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    We’re dedicated to hiring only the best pool fence technicians and council-trusted certifiers. Every one of our employees is a professional who’ll treat you and your property with respect. Having a contractor on site can be stressful, but we work hard to minimise any impact on your lifestyle or home. Call our glass balustrading experts today to find out more.

    We are proud to service the cities of: Sydney, Melbourne, Yatala, and Cairns.