Pioneers Memorial Park

An urban jewel located on the cosmopolitan Norton Street

The Location

Pioneers Memorial Park can be found on the Norton Street in Leichhardt, Sydney. It is very spacious, has a lot of grass-covered areas, and is filled with native plants.

You can get in the park from multiple entry points, depending on your means of transport:

  • Public transport: Leichhardt North Light Rail
  • Car: Parramatta Road, Allen Street, City West Link
  • Bicycle: Moore and Booth street
  • Sydney is famous for it’s large number of inner city parks. 

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It is strange to think that this memorial park was once a cemetery since you can now hear children laughing and playing. However, this park still offers a chance to have a peaceful and soothing afternoon walk.

Back in the 1850s, there was a need for a properly organized burial ground. Therefore, a group of people bought the land and opened the Balmain Cemetery in 1868.

Until 1908, almost 10,000 people of different religious denominations found their resting place at this cemetery. In fact, the last burial occurred in 1912.

Since the cemetery was in poor shape, there were proposals back in 1918 to turn it into a park. Finally, this land changed its purpose in 1941 and it started its life as the Pioneers Memorial Park.

Not many people decided to relocate their friends’ and families’ graves, so many of them remained here. However, the gravestones are not visible or they used them for levelling the area.

Children’s Playground

One of the main reasons why people visit this park is the playground that has a lot of play equipment and a huge sand pit. It is a great place to visit even in the summer since it has sun shades.

The playing equipment:

  • Swings
  • See-Saw
  • Fort
  • Ropes
  • Bridge climb

There are wide paths around the playground, which are great for bike or scooter rides. Although there is no fence around it, you do not need to worry about the safety of your children. It is also great for picnics and family gatherings, or birthday parties.

Bicentennial Rotunda

The western area is where you can walk dogs on a leash, but you can let them run around in the eastern area. However, there can be no dogs within the 10 meters of the playground.

Take a walk

This monument was erected in 1988 and it marks the 200 years since the arrival of the first convict ship. Moreover, that year is considered to be the year of founding Australia.

It has a unique design and is bigger than others located in the Inner West, so it is advisable to visit it.

War Memorial

This monument honours the soldiers from this area that joined the army in World War I. Back then, more than 3000 people from Leichhardt decided to join the army. Sadly, 350 of them never returned to their homes.

However, this memorial also serves as a monument for the ones that died in World War II. If you look closely, there are plaques for William Matthew Currey and John Mackey who received Victoria Crosses for their military service.

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