Pool Fencing – A Complete Guide For Australian Pool Owners

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    You’re probably aware that you need a swimming pool fence to comply with Australia’s pool safety regulations, and you might have already begun looking at your options.

    While each state in Australia has different guidelines, there’s typically a minimum height requirement, a maximum distance between any vertical slats, and a limit to how large the space can be between the gap in the fence and the ground. It also can’t be climbable and often requires a self-closing and self-latching mechanism. There’s a lot to consider and keeping up with the current laws can be a daunting task. Even figuring out which jurisdiction your property and pool fall under can be confusing!

    That’s why it’s important to work with our team of Sydney glass pool fencing specialists that can ensure both safety and legal compliance.

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    Swimming Pool Safety and Style

    Every pool fence should achieve two primary goals—safety and style. Even if you don’t have young children or pets to look after, ensuring that your pool area meets safety regulations is crucial for all sorts of reasons, including resale laws, the safety of guests and neighbours. But safe doesn’t have to mean unattractive. Glass pool fences offer a sleek, subtle solution to the safety issue, giving your home and landscape a modern facelift.

    As you’ve begun your search, you’ve probably encountered several fencing options that look nothing like something you’d like to place on your property. While everyone’s style is unique, we’ve found that glass creates the most cohesive look. Plus, it has other advantages that make it a popular choice for a pool fence.

    Advantages of Glass Pool Fencing

    • Complements the aesthetic of trendy and modern homes.
    • Opens up the landscape and allows supervising parents to see any activity in the pool.
    • The gaps between glass panels are minimal, making it one of the safest materials to use for a pool fence.
    • We can custom design your pool fences so they fit precisely the size and shape you want. They can also be tinted to blend seamlessly with the aesthetic of your home.
    • They are much tougher than they look. The glass panels we use for fencing come with a 3-year breakage guarantee and we offer a 10-year installation and manufacturers warranty.
    • Surprisingly easy to clean and maintain glass pool fence panels. You don’t have to worry about repainting it or applying rust repellant to the entire surface as you would with metal or lumber.
    • Unlike other materials like mesh, glass pool fences are built for longevity. They can easily last in your home for as long as you do.
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    Fitting Your Fence In With Your Surrounds

    Some homeowners like the idea of a three-sided pool fence with another barrier serving as the fourth side. The side of your house or your boundary perimeter could be considered a barrier, for example. Check out our guide on the top reasons to choose National Pool Fences for your next project and why we are the best team of professional fence builders cn help with your pool fence ideas to make yourt backyard shine this summer

    Other options include using planters or different types of walls that match the property aesthetic. Be aware that this complicates certification and it’s best to have an expert consultation right from the beginning. This reduces the risk of mounting costs as the project proceeds.

    At National Pool Fences, we’ll work with you during the design stages to bring your dream pool fence to life and past certification.

    We are proud to service the cities of: Sydney, Melbourne, Yatala, and Cairns.