Bunnings Pool Fencing – Why Choose Us Instead?

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“Do It Yourself”. It’s a term that strikes terror into the hearts of many, but others enjoy the challenge that comes with DIY.

While painting a wall or hanging your TV might be a small job you can enjoy the satisfaction of completing, installing your own pool fence is definitely something we don’t recommend. Too many times we’ve seen it go horribly wrong and had to repair failed DIY fences and start the installation all over again. It’s simply not worth the time and money it costs to fix such mistakes.

Here are 4 reasons to choose us over a Bunnings Pool Fencing:

1. Do you know where to begin?.

Are you installing your fence in decking, concrete or glass? Does your property consist of multiple levels? These are just a few of the questions you’ll have to ask yourself before you start choosing your fence. And the answer to each could bring up even more DIY jobs such as levelling the ground or preparing it for the posts and hardware needed to secure it into place. Getting even a millimetre wrong could mean disaster for your job.

Essentially, you need to be 100% confident that you have the perfect base to start with in order for your project to be a success. And that’s just the beginning.

2. We provide all the tools and hard labour

While you might be tempted by a Bunnings DIY fence in order to save money, consider all the extra bits and pieces that you’ll need to organise and buy in order to complete the look. You need multiple power tools, as well as protective and preparation materials like glass gloves, a mask, hammer, pencils, tape measures, nails, screws and string line.

Imagine getting started to install your fence only to realise you don’t have a crucial piece of equipment to continue. When you enlist National Pool Fences to install your pool fence, we bring everything we need on site and minimise any mess on your property. Even better, we take everything away with us when it’s finished, leaving you to enjoy your stunning new surrounds.

3. You’re guaranteed a compliant fence

Australian Standards relating to pool fences have developed over time to protect families from the risks of accidental drowning. Confusingly, however, they are different in each state and even may vary depending on which jurisdiction your property is deemed as falling under or when your pool was originally installed. Should you need to repair a fence, how can you be sure to know which Standard you need to comply with?

Even a centimetre off could mean replacing your whole fence at a big cost to you in terms of both time and money. That’s why we work closely with council-trusted compliance certifiers to ensure that right from the planning stages your fence will meet all regulations.

4. Get a custom and bespoke look that fits any dimensions

Any DIY package you buy from Bunnings or any other distributor will be built to a set of specifications and can be extremely limited in what they will fit. We custom design all our fences to blend seamlessly with the landscape, adding a new dimension to the architecture. We can work with different levels, existing structures and even tint glass to fit in with the colour of your home.

We are proud to service the cities of: Sydney, Melbourne, Yatala, and Cairns.